Thursday, 20 July 2017

NDLEA Confiscates 24,304 Drugs in Abuja

As part of efforts to rid FCT, Abuja of illicit drugs, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has destroyed 24,304 kilogramme of assorted forfeited narcotic drugs seized within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja this week.

The exhibits with an estimated street value of #250 million were jointly set ablazed by local and international collaborators at Lungi barracks along Aso drive in Abuja.

The Chairman and Chief Executive of the anti-narcotic Agency, Col. Muhammad Mustapha Abdallah (retd) described the destruction as symbolic and strategic both to the Agency and drug control policies of the government. “The seizure of the drugs remain a threat until they are destroyed.”

“Public destruction of drugs is the climax of operational activities which begin with tracking of suspected drug merchants, drug exhibits, prosecution of drug dealers and forfeiture of the drugs. Until drugs are completely destroyed they remain a threat to societal peace” Abdallah stated.

The drugs are products of concluded drug cases by the FCT command in the past two years, precisely June 2015 to date. The breakdown of the drugs are as follows; cannabis 24,278.33kg, psychotropic substances 23.68kg, cocaine 1.6256kg, heroin 0.1084kg and amphetamines 0.1082kg.

"The volume of the seized drugs reflects the high demand for drugs within the FCT and as such, alarming." Hence, he continued that there was a growing obsession of youths with the use of psychotropic substances particularly cough syrups with codein, tramadol as well as unconventional substances like gasolin, tippex, rubber solution, lizard waste, pit latrine fume, and local concoctions such as goskolo and zakami which require urgent attention," the Chairman expressed.

FCT Minister, Muhammad Musa Bello - who was the Special Guest of Honour - commended the NDLEA for the seizure as he urged the Agency to extend the war on drugs to the grass root and motor parks.

 Ably represented by the Chairman, Abuja Municipal Council, Honourable Abdullahi Adamu said: “I appreciate the role of the Agency in eliminating drugs from the FCT. Let me urge the NDLEA to intensify efforts by taking the drug war to the grass root and motor parks. The FCT administration will continue to support the fight against drug trafficking in our collective search for a healthy society”.

Meanwhile, the FCT Commander of the NDLEA, Mrs. Chinyere Obijuru assured Nigerians that the command would step up campaign programmes in schools, workplaces, religious and worship centres as efforts to address the problem of drug abuse within Abuja.

With representatives from the National Assembly, members of the diplomatic community, paramilitary ad military agencies alongside stakeholders, the NDLEA reiterated its war against drugs would be intensified. According to the Chairman, “we need to ensure that drug traffickers run out of market. We must reinvigorate our anti-drug campaign efforts through law enforcement and public sensitisation on the effects of drugs on health, security and development”.

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