Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Ebonyi Association Charges Leaders on Financial Knowledge

Rebecca Ejifoma

Ebonyi State Development Association (ESDV) has urged Nigerians and her leaders to acquire financial knowledge to enable them manage the nation well in this economic dispensation.

This was according to the Association’s President, Mr. Paul Ikele, at the seminar in Lagos organised for the entire Ebonyi indigenes in Lagos state. “We have a very sound economic system but we have leadership problem. We need to know to activate those economic facilities we have to begin to yield profits for livelihood of Nigerians.”

Ikele, who spoke on ‘Basic Financial Knowledge’, expressed that the country had collected a lot of money but lived in wastages. “The federal government has a lot of waste both in infrastructure and otherwise. Some people get involved in capital flight _ money they are supposed to use to utilise Nigeria they take abroad."

The president described such acts as one that makes Nigeria a mono-country and dependent even to provide our own food. "We have all the money to feed ourselves. We have land enough to feed ourselves but we are fraudulent. We are not interesting; lest, Nigeria is supposed to be a very rich country."

As the CEO of the Institute of Business Development, Ikele describes the seminar as a tool to assist their members to acquire knowledge especially financial knowledge. Adding, he said their call for adequate savings for retirement was very necessary to enable them live better after working for years.

He added: “With financial knowledge, you will not be coached to go into criminal activities. In the end, you will know how to plan yourself under this economic dispensation then do your financial planning; check your income and expenses; key yourself in your business to be a responsible citizen and contribute to your town union, the state and the country.”

Indeed, he made bold to say the Association had several plans for the state: to be good and responsible citizens and contribute their quota to the development of the state, as the current governor is doing wonderful things. “So, we are there to assist the governor, give him a foresight and then come out with a framework so our people will be happy they are Ebonyi indigenes.”

Meanwhile, Retired Professor of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), William Olugho, who enlightened participants on ‘Personality Building for Achievements' and ‘You are the Creator of Your Experience', hailed Ebonyi state for quality. “We are proving the world wrong. We are becoming unique. We are bringing out what we have with quality.”

He continued that, as leaders, they were trying to impact wisdom on all. “Be security conscious at all times and avoid crime. Make your family, state and nation proud.”

Therefore, he urged participants to take home the lessons learnt and impact their people in the various community meetings for a change in attitude and development.
“Sometimes, we do not know that some of the problems we have is attitude. Our greatest problem is that we don’t know who we are.”

Reacting to the seminar packaging, a participant and General Overseer of Great Grace Assemblies, Mr. Lazarus Alinweze (an Apostle) lauded the leaders of the Association for such seminar. “This is a good theme for the state. But I would say we are coming up now late to organise ourselves and showcase what we really are for the whole world to know that we also going somewhere.”

Now, having rated the seminar excellent at such a time in the country, the speakers unanimously beckoned on members to stop looking down on themselves; take charge of their lives through practice, determination and faith. “If you must move to the next level, you must recognise opportunity is where you are,” they said.

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