Wednesday, 12 July 2017

IoD Calls Professionals to Practice Ethics

Mr. Omoru (middle) flanked by the President IoD (right) and the Second Vice President during the presentation of certificate of membership in Lagos...
Rebecca Ejifoma
The Institute of Directors Nigeria (IoD) has called on all professionals in the country to practice what they preach having sworn oaths and codes of ethics in order to close the yawning gap between declaration and real practice. 

This was according to the Chairman, Standard Chartered Bank, Sir Demi Omotosho in his speech at the New Members Induction ceremony of 87 members held in Lagos at the weekend. “Professionals should practice the code of conducts with no compromise,” he added.

He describes the situation in the country as sad. “There is a yawning gap between declaration and real practice. This is very bad. To a large extent, not practicing it is responsible for poverty, insecurity, impunity in the country today. You can trace all these problems to malpractice. Hence, professionals should practice what they preach.” 

According to him, Nigeria needs to construct a country of integrity and one void of corrupt practices. Adding, he beckoned on everyone to uphold the oaths you swear and practice the codes. “There is  inability to comply with our own self rules and standards. We have collapsed buildings and roads have gone bad with months of construction.” 
On this note, Omotosho urged the new inductees to uphold the standard and not comprise their practice. “It is, therefore, my hope and prayer that our members being inducted today will understand and appreciate the weight of the code of ethics and make us proud.” 
Meanwhile, he decried that Nigeria could no longer be trusted in the world. “Although, corrupt practice is not limited to us, we have lost important place. So, where lies our hope? Obviously, we can’t live in this ugly situation. I believe there is a way out.”
Proffering a way out, the speaker recommended: “Leadership of our professional bodies should encourage whistle blowing. It could be from external body. It could be helpful. Leadership of our various professional bodies must lead by example; walk their talk – not talking alone and rarely filling the chair. There should be no “esprit de corps” and no godfatherism; hence, you must be counted on the side of discipline as a leader.” 

One of the new inductees, Mr. Christian Omoru, expressed displeasure over some entities who do not pay attention to the cardinal principles. “The code of conduct is not practised by some entities. But companies like ours are practising the code of ethics, which is like corporate governance. Like my company - oil and gas – deals with international customers. If you don’t fulfill those cardinal ethical standards, they won’t deal with you again. That is why the speaker referred that when you get to some international companies you don’t find Nigerians there anymore because they are very uncomfortable having Nigerians.” 

He recommended that the way forward was to put core value. “Core value is very basic. When we get out there, we should be contented. The quest for overnight riches has caused so much. And we don’t ask questions when we see someone swimming in affluence overnight from nothing. But we are trying to encourage people to imbibe that core value. We should be careful and contented.”

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