Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Terrakulture Opens First Geometric Art Show of Ikpoza

Rebecca Ejifoma 

A solo art exhibition of a high analytical geometrism will feature over 40 recent art pieces of abstract painter, Jonathan Ikpoza, as the fifth annual showcase by Faces and Phases on Saturday August 19 at the Terra Kulture art Gallery in Victoria Island, Lagos at 4pm.

The exhibition, which will sweep through August 28, spans more than two decades of Jonathan's career. It will include new mixed media, oil, fabric, acrylic, prints, charcoal, plastic disc and pastel on various surfaces. The presentation of this serial works will be characterised with flow of geometric, rhythmic movement of lines and shapes enveloped into creative colour orchestration.

Ikpoza’s arrays capture the quest of human for eternal freedom which governs the act of human and the effects on victims and beneficiaries. He projects the necessity to hanker for peace in a violence filled society and security in an insecure environments.

Interestingly, as the only selected Nigerian artist among 55 international artists, who exhibited in Santorini Biennale Greece tagged: ‘Peace Mechanism’ 2014, he has continued to create works that focus on how positive energy and peaceful cohabitation towards a violence-free society.

With over 40 national and international exhibitions in his credit alongside many masters and great artists, the fusion of his experiences have carved a niche for him; hence, added to his unique surface quality and contextual renditions which evokes thoughtful positive reactions. The fascinating interlocking shapes, illusion of three dimensionality and transparency empowers the spirit of his abstract and figurative images.

Some of the works to be displayed are: Free Spirit XIV (We are connected). 48x43 Inches, oil, acrylic on canvas 2017, IRORO XIV (Meditation) 30x38 inches among others.

According to the artist, ‘Iroro: we are connected’ series are expository to his allegorical and mystical approach to download content from nature and the subconscious while creating satisfi/ing designs, rhythm, atmospheric and sensational experience on the subjects. This new works corroborate strong conjointment between the human mind and nature, between the man and animals and between the mind and the society.

Now, his adventurous journey with Geometrism sailed in 2000, when his exploration of various art movement led him into African expressions on wood and stone. His wide array of anatomical study and distortion is evident in each of his works as he uses lines stretched across space and forms, breaking the monotony of concentric lines.

With his magic fingers, he blends various elements of nature and man-made objects such as candle, fruits, butterfly, chameleon, lantern, dove, sparrows and hourglass and more in illustrative manner which transmogrify his subjects symbolically.

“I feel very delighted seeing how geometry transforms my subject into an engaging pictures. I always anticipate the visual quality of my concepts and hunger for more as I get satisfied viewing the transition from start to finish. It is always sensational to me because the whole process and experience is spiritual and supernatural – from nothing to something wonderful, from a plain canvas to an appealing pictorial surface. It is clear that I, the artist, am just the vehicle carrying and delivering messages in visual forms,” Ikpoza said with delight. 

The colouristic pigmentation is not just addition of tones and values but segmentation and unification of hues and materials which is an allure to behold as it expose the artist's colour muse and world. The series of works are intriguing as they probe your mind, engages you in its drama and leaves the conclusion for you. It gives you a classic musical sensation to keep listening over and over again with appealing satisfaction.

Having been shown and collected in various museums and galleries in Nigeria, Senegal, Greece, UK and the United States, Ikpoza's works of art is supported by Jonix studios limited, and Ade Odunfa unlimited. With this credit to his name, the artist invites all art connoisseurs to come sense not just the aroma of his creativity but also have some for themselves.

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