Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Consequences of Sex During Mensuration

So, here is the deal. Your sexual preferences, orientation, practices are  entirely a choice thing!

Some people do have sex during period. Some don’t engage in sexual intercourse during menstruation.

Is anything wrong with this practice?
Here is what Dr. Chudi Godson has to say. “It is all relative, medically speaking there are few conditions you must be aware of while indulging in sex during period.”

You MUST understand you have increased risk of:
1. Transmitting and contracting sexually transmitted diseases including HIV during this period.
2. You can also become pregnant if you have a short cycle.
Some women actually ovulate during their period and can only achieve fertilisation during this period.

There is no scientific evidence against love making during period! If you and your partner are cool with it, so be it! It is a private lane, your sexual preference is entirely your prerogative!

By Dr. Chudi Godson

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