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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Down Syndrome Foundation Benefits from N1 Billion Jackpot Lotto

Following last week’s successful launch of the Kanu Heart Foudation’s N1 billion jackpot lotto, Down Syndrome Foundation Nigeria (DSFN), is the next to benefit and today launches

Sited in Lagos, DSFN’s mission is ‘to bridge the gap between people with Down Syndrome and the rest of the society, through a support system that seeks to integrate them fully into the community in which they live’. The charity provides educational programmes and help for thousands of people throughout Nigeria with Down Syndrome.

With a jackpot starting at N1 billion, the DSFN lotto, in conjunction with the AfroMillionsLotto, features a twice-weekly draw offering the biggest jackpots in Africa. Twenty percent of every ticket sold will go directly to DSFN to ensure its important work continues. This includes a campaign to raise awareness of the syndrome and generate understanding throughout Nigeria.

Commenting on the DSFN lotto, CEO of the Foundation,  Muyiwa Majekodunmi, said: “It has been a tough year for a lot of us running charities; and raising funds for our various activities and projects has indeed been difficult and challenging. But, just when you are about to throw in the towel, there comes a spark of light that has the potential to ignite into flames of hope.”

The CEO expressed further that words could not describe the joy he felt that the Foundation was being selected as a partner and beneficiary of the AfroMillions Lotto. “It is pioneering. It is new. It is true and it is for a truly great and altruistic purpose.”

According to him, no purpose can be greater than doing something much bigger than oneself that will benefit a vision of giving hope, life and meaning to our people living with Down Syndrome.

Now, the first draw held on Wednesday 25th October. If there isn’t a jackpot winner, the prize money rolls over, increasing by N100 million with each draw until it reaches a maximum of over N2 billion. There are also nine, ‘Candy Crush’ style, Instant Win games on the website, which can be played for fun or to win cash prizes of up to N12 million.

With October being the World Down Syndrome awareness month at the Foundation, DSFN aim s to provide information and support for people with Down Syndrome, their families and care-givers as being a resource for interested professionals; to improve knowledge of Down syndrome. To champion the rights of people with Down syndrome

For sponsorship, visit – not only will you have the chance to win a jackpot that would change you and your families’ lives forever, you’ll also be given a charity much-needed funding to help children and adults throughout Nigeria.

Credit: DSFN